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[xenforo]Доска объявлений для XenForo

Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем Collab_Bot, 18 сен 2016.
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    GoodForNothing Classifieds - Плагин Доски объявлений для XenForo

    Full Feature List
    • Home and Category views with "Newest Classifieds", "Expiring", "Price", "Views" tabs to sort the classifieds.
    • Classified Filters on Home and Category views to filter the classifieds listed by their state (active, expired, closed) and/or the prefix used and/or the advert type.
    • Image Gallery to showcase the classified.
    • Featured Image / Classified Icon for classifieds.
    • Watchable categories and classifieds. Users will get notification when a new classified is created in the watch categories and notifications when a new comment is posted on watched classifieds.
    • Full integration with XenForo's Search Engine-
      Users can also search for location based classifieds by entering the location (city name, country, etc) in the keywords field in the classified search form.
    • The history of item description is saved to database by associating it XenForo's edit history handler to prevent frauds and anyone who has the permission can view the history and see the changed.
    • Visitors can directly contact the advertiser from the classified view page if they have the permission and the classified is open. Clicking the contact button loads the message editor. The contact messages has been integrated with XenForo's Private Conversation for better experience.
    • Comments section which can be enabled / disabled on per category basis.
    • Linked threads for discussions related to the classified, which can be enabled / disabled on per category basis.
    • Exhaustive permissions for every available actions related to classifieds. Which can also be set on per category basis. Too many to list here.
    • Like Handlers for Classifieds and Comments.
    • Attachment Handlers for Classifieds and Gallery.
    • Alert Handlers for Classifieds and Comments.
    • News Feed Handlers for Classifieds and Comments.
    • Report Handlers for Classifieds and Comments.
    • Warning Handlers for Classifieds and Comments.
    • Moderation Helpers for Classifieds and Comments.
    • Moderators can be set on per category basis.
    • Classifieds can be Marked as Featured for more exposure. This can be integrated with the package module so that classifieds created using a specific package will be automatically featured.
    • Statistics to show how many classifieds have been created, how much did the site make from selling packages, etc. More detailed stats will be added later on!

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