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    Представляю вашему вниманию 2 способа организации рассылок без сторонних платных сервисов: плагин для WP и php-скрипт. Отзывы на кодканьоне и там и там отличные!
    Возможностей масса, есть все необходимые функции для рассылки: отправка по времени или после события, автореспендеры, цепочки сообщений после подписки, группы подписчиков, импорт/экспорт, редирект после подписки, формы подписки, включенные темплейты, всевозможная статистика по подписчикам и открыванию писем/ссылок, кампании рассылок с расписанием и многое другое! Смотрите демки!

    1. MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress [Повтор]

    Track Opens, Clicks, Unsubscriptions and Bounces
    [​IMG] Now it’s easy to keep track of your customers. Who does opened when and where your Newsletter? Track undeliverable mails (bounces), Countries, Cities* and know exactly who opened your mails.
    Auto Responders
    [​IMG] Send welcome messages to new subscribers or special offers to your loyal customers. Limit receivers with conditions or send messages only to certain lists
    Schedule your Campaigns
    [​IMG] Let your subscribers receive your latest news when they have time to read it, not when you have time to create it
    Simple Newsletter Creation
    [​IMG] Creating Newsletters has never been so easy. If you familiar with WordPress Posts you can create your next campaign as easy as you publish a new blog entry. All options are easy accessible via the edit campaign page
    Unlimited Customization
    [​IMG] Use the Option panel to give your newsletter an unique branding, save your color schema and reuse it later. Choose one over 20 included backgrounds or upload your custom one.
    Preflight your Newsletter
    [​IMG] Don’t send unfinished Newsletters to your Customers which possible end up in there SPAM folders and are never been seen. Use isNotSpam.com right from the creation page to check if any content is responsible to get marked as spam.
    Retina Support
    WordPress 3.4 added Retina Support. That means all icons and graphics are optimized for that higher resolution. MyMail Newsletter Plugin includes all graphics for these screens with higher DPI
    Full Feature List
    • Track Opens, Clicks, Unsubscriptions and Bounces
    • Track Countries and Cities
    • Schedule your Campaigns
    • Auto responders
    • Use dynamic and custom Tags (placeholders)
    • Webversion for each Newsletter
    • embed Newsletter with Shortcodes
    • Forward via email
    • Share with Social Media services
    • Unlimited subscription forms
    • Sidebar Widgets
    • Single or Double-Opt-in support
    • WYSIWYG Editor with code view
    • Unlimited Color Variations
    • Background Image support
    • Quick Preview
    • Email test with IsNotSpam.com support
    • Revisions support (native)
    • Multi language Support (English and German included)
    • SMTP support
    • Gmail support
    • DomainKeys Identified Mail Support
    • Import and Export for Subscribers
    • Retina support
    Бесплатные дополнения к плагину:

    2. Lethe PHP Newsletter & Mailing System
    • SMTP / PHPMail / GMail Support
    • E-Mail Submission Limits
    • Multi-User System
    • Multi Language
    • Bootstrap Support
    • AJAX / JSON Support
    • Cron Support
    • E-Mail Verification
    • Bounce Mail Handler
    • Bounce Mail Cronjob Path
    • POP3/IMAP Function
    • Submission Account Connection Tester
    • User Daily Sending Limit
    • Advanced Installation Page
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • miniPAN Plugin
    • reCAPTCHA and Unique Form Keys
    • Selectable Submission Accounts
    • Static / Dynamic Short Codes
    • Attached Files
    • Graphical Statistics
    • Blacklist Function
    • Unsubscribe/Bounce Actions (Ban / Move / Delete / Inactive)
    • Subscribe via Form / URL / Flash or Custom Forms
    • Select Subscribers by Groups
    • Subscribe Form / Link Generators
    • Custom Success Texts & Redirection After Subscription
    • Import / Export (txt,csv,wordpress or custom CMS)
    • Verified & Active Subscriber Function
    • Advanced Subscriber Search Tool
    • Manage Users & Permissions
    • Newsletter & Autoresponder
    • System Groups (Unsubscriber Group)
    • Viewed Mail Tracker
    • Unsubscribe, Bounce, Sent Statistics for Specific Newsletters
    • Newsletter Resetter
    • Newsletter Schedule
    • Easily Swap Templates
    • Preview and Test Functions
    • Advanced Newsletter Search Tool
    • Easily Create HTML Templates
    • Web View Option
    • RSS Url (Custom Reader Options)
    • Autoresponder (After Subscription, Unsubscription or Specific Dates)
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