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(Udemy) The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course by Mosh Hamedani

Тема в разделе "Курсы по программированию", создана пользователем Collab_Bot, 13 окт 2016.

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  1. Об этом курсе
    Опубликовано: 5/2016
    Язык: Английский

    Краткое описание курсаASP.NET MVC is a server-side web framework for building dynamic, data-driven web applications. Since its first release in 2009, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst developers using Microsoft technologies. If you want to get employed as a web developer at a company that utilizes Microsoft technologies, you need to master ASP.NET MVC.

    In this course, Mosh, author of seven 5-star Udemy courses, takes you on a fun, hands-on and pragmatic journey to master ASP.NET MVC 5.

    You'll learn how to build and deploy fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5. In 7.5 hours of high quality content (equivalent to a 500-page book), you'll learn how to:

    • Implement CRUD operations
    • Build forms with validation
    • Build RESTful services using ASP.NET Web API
    • Use Entity Framework code-first workflow to build a model
    • Implement security, authentication and authorization using ASP.NET Identity
    • Use powerful jQuery plugins
    • Optimize application's performance
    • Build and deploy your applications
    • And much more...

    You'll start building a real-world video rental application within minutes. Every section includes a few bite-sized videos, and concludes with one or more coding exercises to help you master what you learn in that section. Finally, in the last section, you'll learn how to

    • Deploy the application
    • Deploy the database
    • Create custom build configurations (development, testing, staging, etc)
    • Store application settings in web.config and override them for different environments
    • Secure application settings and connection strings
    • And more...
    Whether you're new to ASP.NET MVC or have some experience but are looking for a course to fill in the gaps, you'll love this course. On top of all the core features of ASP.NET MVC, Mosh teaches you a systematic way to build a feature end-to-end. And more importantly, he includes you as part of building a sophisticated feature end-to-end. So, he builds some parts and delegates the other parts to you.

    If you've taken any of Mosh's courses before, you know what you get. He is very passionate, clear and concise in his teaching. Every section and every lecture has been perfectly thought through to lead you on a step-by-step journey from zero to hero with no fluff whatsoever. If you're looking for 10+ hours of wasted time on the content you don't need and a rambling instructor, there are other courses you can enrol in.

    So, if you watch all the lectures and do all the exercises, by the end of this course, you'll have the necessary skills to build real-world applications with ASP.NET MVC 5, or all your money back (within 30 days of taking the course).

    So, if you're looking for an ASP.NET MVC course with

    • A passionate coder and instructor who knows his craft
    • Perfect structure
    • Balanced mix of theory and practice
    • Clear, concise and bite-sized videos
    • Lots of real-world examples and coding exercises
    • Discussion of best practices
    • World-class audio / video production
    Don't look further. Enrol in the course now and learn to build and deploy fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5.

    1- Does this course cover ASP.NET Core 1.0?

    No! ASP.NET Core 1.0 is still an immature framework and it's going to take quite some time until it gets adopted for production use. That aside, it is not much different from ASP.NET MVC 5. It's designed on the same principles, but provides a few small improvements in different areas. So, the skills you'll learn in this course to build real-world applications will apply to ASP.NET Core 1.0 in the future as well.

    2- Why should I pay for this course when there are lots of free tutorials available?

    Free tutorials and YouTube videos are free for a reason. They introduce you to a few concepts here and there, but soon you'll find yourself jumping from one tutorial to another to fill the missing gaps. By taking a perfectly-structured course, you'll be confident that you're in good hands, right from the beginning all the way through to the very end. You pay for saving your precious time: the time that you can spend on the things you love.

    Plus, many of these free tutorials, including tutorials published by Microsoft on the official ASP.NET website, teach you poor practices. Throughout this course, Mosh points out some of these poor practices and explains in technical terms why you should avoid them.
    What are the requirements and target audience?Do you want to learn how to build and deploy fast and secure web application with ASP.NET MVC 5?

    If you enrol in the course now, you'll start building your first ASP.NET MVC app within a few minutes. Enrol in the course now and get started.

    What are the requirements?
    • C# (at a minimum lambda expressions, LINQ)
    • Basic familiarity with web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery)
    What am I going to get from this course?
    • Understand the MVC architectural pattern
    • Implement CRUD operations
    • Build forms with server-side and client-side validation
    • Build RESTful services using ASP.NET Web API
    • Use powerful jQuery plug-ins
    • Implement authentication and authorization using ASP.NET Web API
    • Use Entity Framework to query or update data
    • Understand and apply security best practices
    • Build and deploy applications
    • Create and customize build configurations
    • Manage client / server dependencies
    What is the target audience?
    • Developers with no knowledge of ASP.NET MVC 5 who want to build web apps with this framework
    • Developers with some experience in ASP.NET MVC 5 who are looking for a comprehensive course to fill the gaps

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