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    Mega Discount Design Bundle Highlights:

    • 2,000 Round IconsCrisp, clean and colorful. That describes all of the icons in this fabulous collection of 2,000 circle icons. Easily recognizable, icon categories include weather, time, office, shopping, communication, social, arrows, transportation, currency, sports, food and loads more!
    • 2,000 Android IconsWorking on an Android app or just like the style from the Android OS? This collection of 2,000 Android icons should fit the bill perfectly. Simple, borderless icons include a wide variety of categories such as sports, medical, signs, food, technology, social and many more.
    • 500 Additional IconsIn case you want even more icons, you're in luck! This mega bundle includes another 500 icon bundle. These detailed and unique icons cover a ton of categories like houses, tools, animals, transportation and more. You'll find some adorable and clever icons along the lines of a seal, dog house, circus tent, seahorse and more.
    • Multiple Icon SizesEach icon set includes original PSD, AI and CSH file formats. They also come with raster PNG versions in 5 sizes: 32px, 64px, 128px, 256px and 512px.
    • Customizable IconsWith the original files, you can customize any of the icons in this ginormous bundle! Change up the color, orientation, detail and even size of any icons without losing any of the original quality.
    • Responsive Screen Mockup PackWith this responsive screen mockup pack, your website will be a hit no matter what device your users are viewing it on. Whether it's an iPad, iPhone, iMac or even Macbook, your website will look great and function as it should.
    • 299 Professional IllustrationsThis bundle of illustrations includes 3 of Inventicons best-selling illustration packs. Choose from some amazing graphics in industries like business, sports, dance, chef, music, fashion and more! All illustrations are provided in 2 different formats: .AI and .SVG.
    • 95 Icons and Images in 3DThis fun collection of 3D images and illustrations contains all sorts of great graphics. You'll find everything from a car to a ping pong table to an ashtray in this colorful 3D-style collection.
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