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[Sap-press]Function Modules in ABAP

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    Function Modules in ABAP
    A Quick Reference Guide
    written by Tanmaya Gupta

    Если вам нужна информация о том какие фм, бапи есть в системе, какие входные параметры и для чего они нужны то эта книга для Вас!.
    Удобный индекс чтобы найти нужную вам функцию.
    Формат электронный издательства.
    Язык Английский
    Whether you need more information about a particular function module or just want to see what’s out there, you’ve come to the right place. This book is packed with only the most-used function modules in the SAP system. Make your coding easier and view logic in a whole new way!
    • Explore hundreds of the most commonly-used function modules in ABAP
    • Learn about each function module‘s purpose and parameters, and see an example of each
    • Navigate by category or use the index to easily find the function module you need
    In this book, you'll find:
    1. The Most-Used Function Modules
      Find only what you need. After exhaustive research of where-used lists and Google hits, thousands of function modules have been narrowed down to hundreds of the most important and commonly used.

    2. Topic Groupings
      Don’t know what you’re looking for? No problem. Function modules are grouped into different parts, based on usage and topics like authorizations, IDocs, and BAPIs.

    3. User-Friendly Layout
      Information at a glance: Each function module contains a description, example, and list of parameters and their description for optimal use.

    4. Extensive Index
      Looking for something specific? Search the index not only by function module name, but also by key word, functionality, related SAP program, and more.
    Highlights include:
    • Basis systems
    • ABAP Data Dictionary
    • Data conversion
    • Transport Management System
    • ABAP List Viewer
    • Form printing
    • ALE, EDI, IDocs
    • Authorizations
    • Spools and jobs
    • Microsoft Office
    Reading Sample

    »This book definitely saves lots of time in ABAPers' coding!«
    Reader Review
    Tanmaya Gupta is a senior SAP consultant and an SAP ABAP developer working in a well-known organization in India.

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