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Ra Uru Hu - The Six Lines

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    The foundation of Human Design Analysis is the hexagram and its structure. The Lines of the hexagram have always been taught from the surface. The line is the surface. Anybody who gets an education in Human Design receives information about the nature of the lines and certain values that have developed over time. In the Spring of 2008, Ra introduced us to Lines in a way that has never been taught before.
    In this series of six lectures, Ra takes us on an adventure of looking at the lines from their number continuity and their relationship to the themes that lie below the line — the Base, Tone and Color. Deep underneath is the cognition that dictates how lines will be played out, and it will be different from anybody else‟s line. In addition, you will learn that each of the values that Ra describes have a specific quality in relationship to the Personality and a different nuance when you look at them in terms of the Design.

    The Decoding of the Hexagram - The Six Lines
    1,2 Мб, 97 копируемых страниц, официальный материал про 6 линий и их тона