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    Мощный модуль для создания и рассылки информационных писем с ссылками на товары прямо из админки магазина.

    Совместимость: PrestaShop v1.4.0.1 - v1.6.0.8
    • Удобное добавление товаров в письмо с помощью фильтров
    • Эффективное управление шаблонами (47 переменных для товаров и 26 переменных для клиентов)
    • Удобное редактирование шаблоном с помощью WYSIWYG-редактора
    • Управление списком получателей
    • Возможность интеграции в популярные почтовые сервисы и MailChimp
    • Автоматизация
    • Сбор статистики (с помощью GA)
    • и еще куча нужных фишек

    Полное описание (англ):
    1. General

    • Save time. Perfect workflow with AJAX, the browser doesn't refresh because the most of the operations will run in background.
    • Working with MultiStore.
    • Working with MailChimp ( synchronization, import and export templates ).
    • Allow customers to subscribe to a specific category from the shop.

    2. Select products

    • Easily add products from your store (image, name, price, short description, etc.). You can select the language and the currency in which the products are to appear in a newsletter.
    • Smart search. Find the products by name, reference, and category.
    • The new products and price drop products can be find very fast.
    • The possibility to find the desired products by navigate through categories.
    • Insert selected products into a new template.

    3. Manage Templates

    • Edit, Save, Save As, View and Delete the custom templates.
    • Change in real time the template width ( by using a slider ), template background color, products background color, links color, products name color ( by using a color picker ).
    • Modify the template header or CSS style directly from the module page.
    • Export the template in a HTML format.
    • There are two types of template: (1) product templates and (2) newsletter templates. The product templates are loaded in the newsletter templates.
    • Highly template customization with TinyMce editor.
    • Create custom templates for the products and save them for later use.
    • Create a newsletter template with the selected products from your store.
    • There are 30 static variables available for the product template. (ex: {name}, {price}, {link}, etc. ).
    • There are 17 dynamic variables available for the product template. (ex: {$name}, {$price_display}, {$description}, etc. ).
    • The dynamic variables are rendered in real time depended of each customer language, shop, group. For example if a product have the price 100$ and a customer is in group 1 and the second customer is in group 2, and the group 2 has applied a discount of 50%, the second customer will receive the price of 50$.
    • Trim the static and dynamic variables to a specific length. (ex: variable {name} is IPod Shuffle, and after trim at 4 characters will became IPod… ).
    • There are 26 variables available in the newsletter template (ex: {firstname},{lastname}, {unsubscribe}, etc.).
    • Insert the logo store into template.
    • Use conditional statement in the newsletter template (ex: {if isset(firstname)} Hi {firstname}! {/if}). This feature is a very powerful tool because not all users subscribed have the name assigned to their email address.
    • The developers have the possibility to create new variables very easily. The new variables can be associated with the customer.

    4. Mail integration

    • Allow customers to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
    • Allow customers to view the newsletter in browser.
    • Add multiple SMTP configurations other than the default prestashop configuration.
    • Add SMTP as Gmail, Mailjet, Mandrill, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
    • The possibility set the send email address when newsletters are send with the php mail() function.

    5. Manage emails lists. Selection & Filters

    • There are three lists with emails available: “Customers”, “Visitors”, “Added” ( a personal list with emails ).
    • All the lists have the options to Delete, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Select a recipient ( email address ).
    • All the lists have available a smart search. Search the recipients by First Name, Last Name, or email address.
    • The lists can filter the recipients by: language, group, store, customerbirthday.
    • Filter recipients by a specific product bought.
    • Filter recipients by the customer category of interest.
    • Select the recipients by a specific range ( ex: from the customer number 150 to the customer 500 ).
    • Select all customers email addresses from database, not only those who signed up for the newsletter.
    • The choice of unique recipients from the email lists.
    • Import email addresses from a CSV file into a personal list with email addresses. The email addresses that are stored in the personal list can be associated with the personFirst Name, Last Name, shop, language.
    • Export all email addresses from the lists to a CSV file.

    6. MailChimp integration

    • Synchronize customer, visitors, and a personal list with MailChimp.
    • Import templates from a MailChimp account
    • Export the template with products included, into a MailChimp account.
    • The fields imported into MailChimp are (First Name, Last Name, Shop, Group, Language, Last Order, etc.)
    • Use CRON job to make the MailChimp synchronize to run automatically every day.

    7. Manage images

    • Scale the product images size in real time by using a simple slider.
    • Delete or Upload new images and use them to build a nice template.
    • Resize or not the width of the image when uploading a new one.
    • Use your own image size for the products, or select the predefined size of the Prestashop system ( ex: "home_default" (124x124px), "large_default" (264x264px), "small_default" (45X45px) etc. ).

    8. Task automation

    • Create tasks schedule with different SMTP configurations and different templates.
    • Use CRON job to make tasks to run automatically every day.
    • Test the task SMTP connection before send it.
    • Create tasks by filtering the recipients.
    • Change task settings after definition. ( change template, change date, change SMTP connection, enable or disable ).
    • Send, Pause or Delete the scheduled tasks.
    • Send multiple tasks in the same time.
    • Show tasks status ( today , tomorrow, in progress - total emails , sent successfully sent errors, view error messages ).

    9. Send Newsletters

    • Set a time interval between successive sent emails.
    • Pause option when sending newsletters.
    • Send a test newsletter to your email address.
    • The possibility to clear the newsletter history records.
    • Send the last newsletter to the new customers when they create a new account on the store.
    • Sending newsletters using SMTP via AJAX.
    • No time limit for php scripting (php_execution_time) because of AJAX.

    10. Statistics

    • See the newsletter statistics in real time.
    • See top 100 clicked products from a newsletter.
    • See how many clicks receive a newsletter.
    • Use the campaign statistics with Google Analytics. This option allow you to view in your Google Analytics account, how many visits you get from the sent newsletters at a professional level.

    11. History

    • View the history of the newsletters sent.
    • View the history of the tasks sent.
    • View history sent errors.
    • View the newsletter template in the history section.
    • View the newsletter sent details ( ex: all sent email address ).
    • Delete one newsletter record from the history.
    • Clear all the records from the history.

    12. Settings

    • [Yes, No] Display only subscribed emails.
    • [Yes, No] Send multiple tasks in the same time.
    • [Yes, No] Display only active products that are available for the customer.
    • [Yes, No] Customer subscribe by category.
    • [Yes, No] Send the last newsletter when a client create a new account.
    • [Yes, No] Use pretty url.

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