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    [ThemeForest] WOW Landing Page Template with Page Builder
    Позволяет легко создавать потрясающие лэндинги

    12 различных дизайнов, 100+ элементов для лэндингов​

    Main Features
    • 14 Landing Page Design with black N white Style
    • App Landing Page
      Start Up Landing Page
      Corporate Lading Page
      Real Estate Lading Page
      Event Lading Page
      Books Landing Page
    • Fully responsive
    • 12 colour schemes
    • Bootstrap 3.3
    • Mail Chimp Subscribe Form
    • ajax Working contact forms with validation
    • Support forums access
    • Google Fonts
    • Parallax Blocks
    • Cross-browser Compatibility
    • FontAwesome Icons
    • Well-documented Code
    • Include WOW Drag n Drop Page Builder
    • 100+ Reusable Components
    • 11 Homepage Variations

    We have just released WOW HTML Page Builder v1.6. With this new version we have made a start implementing saving sites. Since WOW Builder is pretty much a front-end solution only, without a MySQL database in the back, we’ve chosen to implement the saving feature using the browser’s localstorage API. This means you’re saved site/pages are only accessible within the same browser. Another popular request we were finally able to meet, is the live preview feature. Users can now see what their site/pages will look like for the outside world!

    WOW is a fully-featured multi-concept Bootstrap 3.3 based HTML 5 Landing Page template With Builder that looks effortlessly on-point in startup business, events, app showcase or marketing template to promote your business or corporate web site.

    The main reason to purchase wow Its comes with 12 HTML Landing page design and page builder which 100+ components to use. It allows you easily to compose, edit and export pages on the fly with minimum efforts and html/css knowledge. wow page builder Main principle is just DRAG & DROP components and voila you get stunning look of your website just in few seconds. This is the only “startup landing page framework” you’ll need…

    Цена: $15 + $2

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