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    Tiny Inline 4 Cylinder IC от irakezz

    В планах есть чертежи для всего двигателя, водяного насоса, радиатора, вентилятора и карбюратор, Список использованной литературы, материалов и отмечает на запуск двигателя. Есть подробная взгляды некоторых ассамблей, как карбюратор, распределитель и насос для воды.
    Состоит из 32 страниц (30 страниц подробных чертежей)
    в формате PDF

    The "Tiny Inline 4" is a 4 Stroke, 4 Cylinder, OHV, Spark Ignition, Splash Lubrication, Water Cooled, Gas engine. It runs on either Gasoline or Coleman Camping Fuel. The bore is .375" and the Stroke is .500". The camshaft has a 260 Degree Duration, and .041" lift. The valves face measure .156" in diameter. This gives it an RPM range of 2500RPM @ Idle, to over 9000 RPM on a free run. Plans Available Here
    This Engine took 7 months worth of "Free Time" from concept to a running engine. Then there was a couple months of refining to get her in good running shape. With the Plans I will have a full year invested in this engine. I have found it to be a good, reliable engine, and to boast a little bit, it was chosen as the "June Project Of The Month" at HomeModelEngineMachinist.com in 2011.

    The TI4 can be built using small hobby size manual machines, and is designed to use Viton O-Rings for piston rings. It is a great engine for someone with experience in Steam and Stirling engines. The plans were made with the hobby machinist in mind, and would be a great first multi-cylinder IC engine project. The small size keeps cost down. The largest piece is the block which can be machined out of a 1 3/4" Square bar of Aluminum, 3 1/2" Long. The Head is solid brass 3/8" thick, and can be described as nothing more than a rectangular bar with a bunch of holes drilled in it. The plans include detailed descriptions of some of the machining aspects, and a full write up on how to make a camshaft the easy way.

    The Plans for the Tiny Inline 4 consists of a total of 32 pages with 30 pages of detailed drawings with machining notes on a few of the pages. I have also included a write-up on making a camshaft the easy way. Once the blank is made, the lobes can be formed in about 20 minutes on the mill, with a rotary table.
    The plans include drawings for the entire engine, water pump, radiator, fan and carburetor, with a list of references for materials, and notes on starting the engine. There are detailed views of some of the assemblies like the carb, distributor, and water pump

    Цена: 1546 руб.

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