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[PHP] Realcon Real Estate Property (недвижимость)

Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем Collab_Bot, 18 сен 2016.
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    Скрипт каталога недвижимости!

    Real Estate Listing features.
    • Listed a cool property? Let others know! Use the embed code to post adds of your property to reach more people on personal and public blogs, websites and forums.
    • Highly customizable script.
    • Create custom property types to suit your business need (yes, as many as you like!).
    • Create custom fields for your property (e.g. floor number in case of rental or whatever you may need).
    • Create amenities and distance fields from the admin panel with icons
    • Locate your property in google map.
    • Choose among 3 types of views (Grid, List, Map).
    • Choose from 2 Types of banner available for homepage (Slider, Map View with Common Search Option).
    • Sort property listings for better viewing purpose.
    • View and manage all your agents with their listed properties.
    • Advanced search option: tune your search with every possible option. Uselocation search to find properties in preffered location. Make use of the radiusfield to find properties in nearby areas.
    • View the detail of a property with multiple slider images.
    • Enable/disable agent signup from the admin panel.
    • Enable/disable payment for signup option from the admin panel.
    • Paypal integrated for signup payment by default.
    • Create and modify as many packeges as you like for agent signup.
    • Google Map API v3 used with geocoding enabled.
    • Multi-language and multiple currency support.
    • Auto translation using Mymemory free api.
    • Not happy with auto translation? Customize the language as per your need.
    • Create and customize widgets of your own from the admin panel.
    • Pre installed featured property, top property, type filter , purpose filter and top agents widgets.
    • Responsive design (Works on any resolution device)
    • Easy backup system of your product. Don’t loose your valuable data.
    • Easy management of your blog, news and article section from the admin panel.
    • Earn money by making a property featured with payment option.
    • Bank transfer option for manual entry of agent
    • Edit and adjust automated email texts (confirmation, recovery etc.) to suit your needs.
    • Two user types (Admin, Agent).
    • SEO support with SEO friendly URLs and customizable meta text and keywords for your pages.
    • Tag Support for properties with search on custom tags.
    • Log in with facebook if approved by the admin from the admin panel.
    • Google AdSense support for earning extra money
    • Google Analytics support
    • Email management with option to bulk reply
    • Upload brochure with each of your property to provide detailed information forbetter customer experience
    • Built in RSS feed generator
    Grid, List or Map Layout

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