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[PHP] Dynamic Website Widgets | Динамические виджеты для сайта

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    Dynamic Website Widgets | Динамические виджеты для сайта

    You can save a lot of time and headaches by controlling your website data dynamically and never repeat same code on different pages. This is done by storing your content in a database and managing it with an intuitive admin panel.

    In this current version you have the option to make 9 different widgets. You can then manage them into groups and display them on your website very easily or use a single widget anywhere you want. This is done by 3 lines of PHP code which you have to paste inside your code only once, after that you can control everything from the admin panel.

    The current available widgets are:

    • Text block – simple text storing widget
    • Raw HTML – widget to store any HTML data
    • YouTube video – allows you to embed YouTube video
    • Facebook fanpage – add a Facebook page with like button and recent posts
    • Text spoiler – a JS widget for hiding a large text or a spoiler message and showing it when a user clicks the button
    • Read more/less – another JS widget which can be used for shortening long articles or text
    • Scroll to top – this will allow the user to scroll to the top of the page by clicking a button instead of using the mouse
    • Countdown widget – timer to a specific date with a message after countdown is finished
    • Mirror widget – this allows you to mirror any other widget from a different group

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