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Photorealistic Modern Interior (3d сцена)

Тема в разделе "Курсы по дизайну", создана пользователем Collab_Bot, 18 сен 2016.
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    Новая сцена от BBB3viz
    Внимание! выполнена в версии 3ds max 2016
    Hyperealistic modern interior scene.

    3ds Max 2016 and Corona only (see important notes at the end).

    This is a highly detailed small apartment interior scene for 3ds Max 2016 and Corona 1.2.1.

    * Architectural details are painstakingly modeled, including full windows and doors, locks, screws, power sockets (Europe), switches, thermostat, fuse boxes, vents, and more.

    * Hyperrealistic Corona shaders, including more than 200 texture maps.

    * Modelled to scale in cm.

    * Dining-room and bedroom windows are logically linked for easy opening and closing, as are the interior doors.

    * Day and night set-ups included with separate HDR maps for illumination (the scene opens in the day version. To activate the night version, open the slate editor, grab the nigh-HDR color correction map and plug it into the environment slot. Then unhide the 'Night-Light' layers and pick a night-time camera. The bathroom lights are on a separate layer)

    * All cameras set-up to produce the preview renders out of the box

    * Dozens of highly detailed furniture assets, including:
    - Eiermann dining chairs
    - Tolix chair and stool
    - Vintage dining table
    - Seven types of lighting fixtures (including vintage globes, Sputnik pendant lamp, Occhio spots, clip-on lights, Artemide fixtures)
    - Several hyperrealistic 3D-scanned models, such as three vintage stools, wood bowl, various pumpkins, wallnuts, pastry.
    - Sonos Play:1 streaming audio system
    - A bookshelf full of unique book models
    - Lassen candleholder and bowl
    - Two types of Nagel candleholders
    - Rocket espresso machine
    - Full kitchen with ceran cooktop, oven with modelled interior, various metal and porcelain containers, wood spoons and spatula, cleaning brush (with individually modelled bristles), cutting boards...
    - Full bathroom with mixers, shower heads, tap, sink, bathtub, towel holder and towel, soap, soap dispenser.
    - Modern sofa
    - Vintage sideboard
    - Vintage Danish rocking chair
    - Duralex glasses
    - Alessi carafe
    - and more...

    * Not convinced? Download the free raw and processed renders.

    NOTE: This is a heavy scene (almost 5m polys) that requires a serious computer to render fast. 12GB of RAM or higher recommended.

    NOTE: Only available for 3ds Max 2016 and Corona. No other versions included.

    NOTE: Due to the impossibility to set relative paths for .ies files in Corona lights, the scene may produce a 'missing asset' error message on opening. If so, point Max to the .ies file included in the archive.

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