[OpenCart] Фундаментальный модуль управления заказами - Backend Order System

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    Модуль с богатыми возможностями по редактированию и управлению Заказами.
    Позволяет менять многие поля, включая скидки и купоны.

    ** - Only a fix for the coupon and voucher section not showing even when setting is set to show. Only file you need to copy is the admin/controller/sale/order_entry.php file

    ** NEW IN 2.1.6
    - Modify all of the product line details - model, name, sku, upc, location, weight, price
    - Added location and weight to product line
    - Added checkbox to Optional Fee / Discount to apply to shipping charges
    - Added a second Process Order button to top of Order form
    - Added ability to edit customer account information
    - Added line to add check #, check date, bank name for check payments
    - Added date/time stamp to orders.csv export file
    - All product lines are editable at the same time - removed the edit, save, cancel buttons - AJAX driven
    - Added ability to change order status from order list screen
    - Added support for Total Based Shipping, Bill Me payment method, and 1.5.x Shipment Tracking modules
    - Completely changed layout of the order history and totals sections - easier to read and takes up less space
    - Override product weights with new cart weight box in the shipping / payment section. This value will equal the product cart weight unless you change it and then this value overrides the product weights
    - Fixes: Issue with tax calculations on Opencart and earlier has been fixed, permissions for deleting orders has been fixed, issue with company_id and tax_id in Opencart versions without those fields has been fixed, issue with checkbox options duplicating on the order form has been resolved, fixed a checkout issue on Opencart and earlier versions

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