[OpenCart] FlyOut Mega Menu module v2 - крутое меню для ОпенКарт (Повтор)

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    FlyOut Mega Menu module v2



    This module will allow you to add a mega menu to your opencart store:

    + You can add the items in the mega menu in the order you want

    + When adding an item to the mega menu, you can select one of the 6 menu types:

    >> Category link (with flyout if it has subcategories)

    >> Information link (easyly add an info link in the menu by selecting it - no flyout)

    >> Information flyout (adds a flyout with all your information links and short description)

    >> Custom link (easyly add a custom link in the mega menu - no flyout)

    >> +More flyout (you can add a more flyout with the categories you dant want to include in main list > usefull when you have many category)

    >> Brands Flyout (adds a flyout with all your active brands)

    + You can display up to 3 levels of categories (parent category with flyout of subcategories and its sub-subcategories)

    + You can display the categories in flyout as normal list or as images grid

    + You can add a banner with link in flyout

    + You have 6 menu themes to choose from when you add a menu

    + The flyout banner is multilanguage

    + The custom link is multilanguage

    + You can display the description of the parent category in the flyout (its a yes/no option)

    + You can set the size of the images in the images grid display mode

    + The menu is integrated with hoverintent (you need to keep the mouse over a category at least for a quarter of second before the flyout appears, and it only applies to the first time when you hover the menu until you leave it, easyly navigating trought the flyouts once active - its ver usefull because you can easyly pass the cursor over the menu without it allways popping up)

    + No files overwritten, this is a stanalone module

    Цена: 15$ (575 рублей)

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