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    22 Robot Toon Characters in 2200+ poses
    24$ только 4 дня!


    Картинки прикольные, для любого проекта!
    Looking to make your site more animated? Want to add a little fun? Or maybe you're looking for an illustrated spokesman for your site? Whatever the case, this Mighty Deal is certain to liven up your website. From Toon Characters comes a bundle of 22 professional character designs in over 2200 action poses! And with this incredible deal, you're getting them all for more than 90% off!

    Cartoon Character Design Highlights:

    • 22 Cartoon CharactersYou'll get 22 different characters to play around with, including Flying Robot, Vintage Robot, Cute Dog Robot, Female Robot, One Eyed Robot and many more.
    • 2200+ Different PosesEvery robot toon character comes in all sorts of different poses, for a monstrous total of more than 2200 unique illustrations. What kind of poses are we talking about here? Every robot is acting out a number of activities such as giving speeches, holding objects, pointing, putting their hands up, shopping, giving a thumbs up, and loads more.
    • 3 Bundle Sizes AvailableHow big or small do you need your toon characters? This Mighty Deal gives you the option of three different sizes: Medium, Large, and Ultimate Pack which includes the original vector files.
    • Customize Your Toons (Ultimate Pack only)When you purchase the Ultimate Pack, you'll also get the original source vector files. With them, you can easily change up any of the toons. Mix and match to your heart's desire. Feel free to change up the colors, sizes, effects, details and more. Each character's file is separated out for easy editing such as emotions, arms, eyes, clothes and heads. Mix things up any way you'd like!

    Скрины и продавец:

    Цена: 24$ (840 рублей)

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