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    Tero Parviainen

    Know Your AngularJS Inside Out
    AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework. It can also be difficult to grasp fully. As a result, many struggle to capture all the benefits Angular has to offer.

    Build Your Own AngularJS helps you understand everything there is to understand about Angular. By creating your very own implementation of Angular piece by piece, you gain deep insight into what makes this framework tick. Say goodbye to fixing problems by trial and error and hello to reasoning your way through them.

    What You Will Learn
    This book will teach you the inner workings of AngularJS by guiding you through implementing your own version of the framework from the ground up.

    Each feature is introduced by discussing what it's used for and why it's needed. The feature is then implemented step by step using test-driven development practices: By writing a failing test and then making it pass.

    The six most important things you’ll learn
    1. How all the major components of AngularJS work. Whether it's scopes, data binding, filters, directives, dependency injection, or one of the various Angular utilities, you will learn not only how to use it, but also how it's actually implemented.
    2. How an Angular application holds together. The book will demystify the mechanics of how and when different parts of your application are created and destroyed, as well as how they're connected with each other.
    3. The performance characteristics of AngularJS. When you know how your framework is implemented, you know what it can and cannot do efficiently. You'll also know where to look when facing performance problems.
    4. How to extend AngularJS. You'll learn all the extension points of Angular and how to use them. By studying the built-in services, filters, and directives, you'll be well equipped to write some of your own.
    5. How to write test-driven JavaScript. By using TDD to build your own implementation of Angular, you'll get into the flow of writing JavaScript code in a test-driven fashion.
    6. How to create and maintain a substantial JavaScript codebase. How to organize code, and how to manage it with a modern toolset built on Grunt and Jasmine.

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