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    Отличный набор графики на Рождество и Новый год.

    - 106 Рождественских фото. Высокое разрешение и резкость. Слоями.

    - 4 рождественские елки. В 3d..

    - 13 поздравительных открыток.

    - 10 MacBook, iPhone и IPad макеты.

    - 10 3d визуализации текста..

    - 15 PSD файлы с некоторых готовых изделий.

    - Бонус 15 различных высокого качества текстуры для фона

    Look full details on Behance ;
    Also awesome watercolor greeting card assets & doodles from Emine Gayiran's shop ;

    Hey! It's coming. After a few weeks later we will celebrate new year. And we've made a great pack for Christmas. You will create limitless xmas graphics for your clients or yourself. We have taken amazing photos of many xmas items and created some greeting cards mock ups. Also added high quality and realistic renders. Totaly we've included in this item ;

    - 106 Christmas asset photos. High resolution and sharp. Layered shadow and fully layered.

    - 4 Christmas trees. Rendered in 3d. But so realistic and suits with our photos.

    - 13 greeting card mock ups. Write your message or put yor design into them as they printed.

    - 10 device and frame mock ups. Macbook, iPhone and iPad mock ups. Also they are with hands or just device.

    - 10 3d rendered text. In different colors and different quotes. You can use them in your stages.

    - 15 ready made PSD files with some items. If you are lazy or have no time you can use this stages. We've included light setups and created some samples.

    - BONUS 6 different hero images. We've played with some items and take some hero photos.

    - BONUS 15 different and high quality textures to use as ground.
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